NicheGate is a site that offers you – the visitor – a central place to gather information, news and deals about various niches in your life.

Say you are interesed in purchasing a new tv, you might first want to gather information about the current technology and about what features a new television should come with. You would then want to find out which brands sell TVs and more importantly which brands sell TVs with the features you are looking for.

Then you would probably want to know what such TVs cost and you would want to compare them against eachother.

Once you find out which TV fits your desire best you would undoubtedly want to find a good deal on it and eventually go out and buy the TV of your choice.

Well this is really what NicheGate is for: If you find a category in NicheGate that deals with your current interest, like TVs, You can select that category and go through each of the steps described above, right here on NicheGate.

Because, you see, Nichegate gathers a lot of varied information on a subject and then presents it so that you can easily find it right here, without having to search through tons of websites. NicheGate does the searching and pulling information for you.

The modern expression for this is “Curation”. We are curating the information, putting it together and make out of segmented, separated pieces of information one complete set that provides overview and a complete puzzle.

We think that is pretty cool! 🙂